200€ of Bitcoins to be won, if you like passive

Merry Christmas: 200€ of Bitcoins to be won, if you like passive income in cryptography!

Swissborg is an excellent application to buy cryptomoney at the best price. To close the year 2020 in style, our Swiss friends have decided to double the bonus offered to new subscribers to the Wealth application for smartphones.

Swissborg is a bit like the Skyscanner of the Financial Peak cryptomoney purchase. The application allows its users to buy cryptomoney very simply and transparently by ensuring that they get an excellent rate for each currency. Instead of offering you huge paragraphs to introduce the app, I invite you to take a look at our presentation from last summer which presents it!

The SwissBorg geniuses at SwissBorg have also tackled the investment in cryptosurveillance, and they don’t do things by halves! With the help of a smart engine boosted with artificial intelligence, they now offer a Smart Savings Account, capable of navigating between DeFi protocols to try and make your capital grow automatically. I have personally deposited funds on it, I will present the results live on Youtube tomorrow at 8:00 pm.

How to benefit from the offer

First of all, you absolutely have to download the app via our link (I don’t say „absolutely“ to type the affiliation, no, it is essential to go through a sponsorship link to trigger the reward).
Once the application has been downloaded to your mobile, you will need to pass the identity verification.
Then deposit the equivalent of 50€ in crypto or fiat (you can withdraw them at any time, there is no lock up or anything).

That’s it, in addition to having downloaded an application that I find much better than Coinbase for buying cryptos, you’ll have a ticket that will allow you to get between 2 and 200€ in bitcoin.